This blog is little things about Janoskians blogs.

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Luke followed 02/12/12

its been months since i used this blog and i really wanna start it up again. so please submit your opinions on janoskian blogs! NICE THINGS ONLY

hey why did Brittany (beau-tifulbastard) deactivate??? i just found out...i was looking for her and it said she deactivated :(

I don’t know, sorry xxx

anyone wanna be amazing and help jai follow me?

please and thank you

I have so much respect for Rachael (janoskianated) she’s so honest, funny and not afraid to tell people her opinion. One of the most genuine blogs round here.

Janoskianswbu is the female kanye , she’s perfect in every way and i love her :)

kissluke is fab n I love her, luv u abbie - fabulousdaniel

I love fuckyeahskip for making this blog, its the sweetest thing ever :)

mah-idol-is-weezy is the best blog, she deserves to be recognised by the boys and have over 1000 followers, no one knows about her, so she needs some recognition :)

free-beau-jobs is such a loyal fan, I can’t believe she’s from Mexico but still stick up for the boys

I love those-crazy-janoskians so much and our little conversations at times ;)